Saturday, June 10, 2006

my expectations.....

have been exceeded far beyond anything I could have imagined. I could only wish I was able to stay longer. I was talking to my sister about me living in Japan and she said something that was very smart, and it made me think. "The only reason you want to live there is because you've had nothing but a good time, but if you had a job, and you had to worry about paying rent and all that shit, you'd probably hate Tokyo, and on top of that, you can't speak Japanese." The same could be true with wherever you go to visit. I lived in Florida for a year, and surprisingly, I sort of hated it besides the training I received. I lived 5 minutes away from the beach, I would see half-naked girls about everyday, and yet I couldn't wait to get the hell out. I guess I'm still thinking about what my sister said, we'll see how I feel when I sleep on it.


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