Sunday, May 28, 2006

update 2

hmmmm......well i'm in the mac lab right now, and so far I have my columns and gutters figured out in InDesign. As for everything else..........I'll get back to this in a few hours.................................................................ok so I'm back. I think I've sort of figured out as to why I was drawn to that block in Azabu-Juban. Yes, I'm sort of backpedaling, but not without a fresh set of eyes. I realized as to why I was so drawn to this block. Although a bit longwinded, just bare with me.

There's no doubt that I look distinctly asian. Born and raised in the United States, I never felt all that out of place, especially since most of my friends were caucasian and I spoke perfect english. Everything about my personality for a long time was largely devoid of asian influence, besides Taekwondo. I never felt any less american than anyone else, and that still holds true to this day. I felt that same sense of comfort in Japan once I arrived, and other than looking similar to everyone else, I didn't really understand why. For two weeks, I was immersed in the city, eager to get comfortable, particularly with the transportation. When I stumbled upon Azabu-Juban Street, all of a sudden, I was thrown back into the states. No longer were the signs in Japanese, no longer was it loud w/ the hustle and bustle of a typical crowd of business men. Like I described before, the architecture and the businesses themselves were very american. And, to no surprise, the people were mostly caucasian as well. The day that I spent on that block, I was very confused, for my comfort level unexpectedly started to wane. My project will focus on my ongoing struggle to figure out why my comfort level in a more distinctly asian environment is different with my comfort level in a distinctly caucasian environment, and whether it's specifically because of my physical appearance or if it's something else. What's hard about this project is that I have no concrete answer to the question that I pose to myself. I have 3 more weeks to figure that out I guess.


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