Sunday, May 28, 2006


A week into the semester, and I boldly state to everyone, "I'm never coming back to the states." I unknowingly didn't think I'd remain in that state of mind. I remember standing on the edge of Kiyomizu Temple, looking out into the forest and the cityscape. Risking the chance of sounding sappy or corny, I at that moment realized that what was in front of me, the space between myself and the remainder of everything else, was the reason why I came to Japan. To be honest, my expectations weren't all that high coming into the program, other than having the chance to come to Tokyo and have a good time. Kyoto made me realize this was more than just a "study abroad program." And I think everyone that experienced places like Kiyomizu, Nara and Todai-ji temple would understand the magnitude of this experience. It's still difficult to organize my thoughts, for I'm going thru mental indigestion. My brain, and for that matter, my emotions weren't prepared for what I was going to experience. I've told everyone I know to go to Kyoto, and more importantly, Nara. I feel like I need to go back to Nara actually, when I'm done digesting, I may come back and explain why.


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